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ENERGY – universal correcting device

ENERGY – universal correcting device

The Shubin’s universal correcting device “ENERGY”

This is the biggest and the most powerful product of Shubin’s product line. The device dimensions – A-5 (150 x 210 mm). This next-higher order device represents the more efficient variant of the protective device of general purpose. The device emits nothing but merely redistributes flows and reduces flux of electromagnetic radiation.

Also, the device completely covers Gamma radiation of more than 300 mk / rad. sec. (Ultimate emission level for Moscow is 30 mk/rad).
The device is recommended for stationary use in domestic premises, it can be placed under the mattress (if case if it is necessary to obtain additional protection of shoulder or lumbar girdle), for placement in the car, in the vicinity of the active sources of electromagnetic radiation (“mainframe” computers, television sets, refrigerators, cordless phones, microwaves, “Hartmann grids”). The radius of operation of the device is up to 5 m. Efficiency of the device is not less than 90 percent.
Use of the device significantly reduces or fully eliminates pain sense modality: spinal disk hernia, radiculitis, joint pain, arthralgia, etc.
To prepare structured water, put a jug or a glass can with water over the device. Time of exposure: not less than 30 minutes.
This device has no analogues.

All the above mentioned devices are manufactured by Protect-Golden Wave LLC, founders of the company are, personally, Doctor of Engineering Science V.E. Shubin and T.I. Ivanova, who have exclusive remedy on manufacturing and promotion of devices.

Please pay special attention! Protective devices are adapting facilities and they are not medical drugs. This is technical equipment which changes the level and polarization effect of electromagnetic emission around itself, helping the body to remove negative effects of existing electromagnetic pollution and to restore the immune system, which is struggling with many sores.

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Valentin Evgenievich Shubin, doctor of engineering science, is the owner of over 180 patents for his inventions in the field of electromagnetic safety and defense technologies.

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