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Electorsmog is a very real danger

Electorsmog is a very real danger


…Modern world is full of technical equipment: computers and mobile phones, radio telephones and television sets, video recorders and DVD players, refrigerators, electric cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, blenders, hair dryers and dozens of other technical devices have profoundly and for long come into our lives and become our right hands. Is that as good as it seems? Operation of most devices, to one extent or another, is based on the principles of electromagnetic fields. The result is that electromagnetic radiation (EMR), especially in the cities, is billions times higher than the background natural for a human.

Do you know that 15 minutes after a 9-10 year old child starts to work on computer his blood and urine changes in such a way that their parameters almost coincide with blood changes of a cancer patient?

In metropolitan cities, there appeared artificial areas formed as the result of human activity, dangerous to our health and life. For example, high-power television stations (Ostankino Television Station), high-power radiolocation stations placed at the top of high-rise buildings of cities, power transmission lines (PTL), repeater stations. And this is only a small fraction of the facilities and stations that affect people’s health. Mankind is surrounded by different electromagnetic fields, from the lowest to ultrahigh frequencies. So, while in the subway, tram or bus, you are exposed to a high-power magnetic radiation many times exceeding any permissible sanitary norms.

The World Health Organization considers the issues related to protection of the population from electromagnetic radiation to be much more important than even those related to radiological protection, the population casualties of EMR has recently exceeded the casualties of technical accidents and road traffic accidents combined.

It is proved that electromagnetic radiation is more harmful than smoking and asbestos dust! It affects the nervous system and can cause infertility and malignant tumors!

How can we protect ourselves and our loved ones from so negative electromagnetic radiation?

The solution to the above problems was found in the series of individual devices meant for protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation developed by the outstanding Russian scientist and inventor, doctor of engineering science, author of more than 180 patents and scientific works in the field of protection against EMP – Valentin Evgenievich Shubin.

The protection devices developed by V.E. Shubin, doctor of engineering science, are based on the pictographic principles and constitute a multilayer dielectric substrate consisting of interlaced magnetic and diamagnetic layers with applicators of various shapes made ​​of special alloys with some specific technological and design features being a know-how. The substrate is coated with a protective lacquer film overcoated with a layer of porous material with a light relative weight.

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Ivanova Tamara Ilinichna works with the author of the protective devices, doctor of technical Sciences Shubin Valentin E., till 2003. Is co-founders of Protekt-Golden Wave, LLC.

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