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DOCTOR LIFE – personal protective device

DOCTOR LIFE – personal protective device

The protective device of general purpose (personal protective device) “Doctor Life”

The device represents a plate with dimensions 54×85 mm, which can be carried in a pocket or in a bag. The operating radius of the device is 1.5 meter; this is sufficient to protect a human being at full-length from the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves of wide range. We mean radiation from the electric transport, TV, computers, microwaves, all household appliances and equipment.
“DOCTOR LIFE” resolves the problem in a complex, combining either functions of a “barrier”, so it restores the natural bound of the human being with a bio-electromagnetic field of the Earth. It also has a beneficial effect to overall condition of health of the human being. Efficiency of application of the device is not less than 90 percent. “DOCTOR LIFE” not only provides effective protection against harmful left-hand spin-torsion fields, but also stimulates whole bio-energy of the organism on account of excessively generated fields of right-hand rotation. Use of devices is fully compatible with naturopathic treatment facilities: phytotherapy, homeopathy, physiotherapy, diet therapy, etc.
Use of the device can also be combined at times with use of food dietary supplement, at that EFFICIENCY of impact on the organism of dietary supplement will be just ENHANCED.
At permanent use of the device the following therapeutic effects are observed:
– gain in health;
– removing “chronic fatigue syndrome” and pain;
– enhancement of associative memory;
– deceleration of processes of cholalic and kidney stone formation;
– improvement of parameters and characteristics of blood;
– acceleration of cicatrisation of combustions and wounds;
– improvement of the cardiovascular system and many other health factors …
If the device is often placed in the area of solar plexus, it acts as protection from the negative influence of other men.
This device has no analogues.

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Valentin Evgenievich Shubin, doctor of engineering science, is the owner of over 180 patents for his inventions in the field of electromagnetic safety and defense technologies.

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