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Сompany details / identification :

INN (Taxpayer Identification Number)/KPP (Registration Reason Code)  7725534154/772501001
settlement account  40702810320030000292
correspondent account  30101810800000000388
with Operations Department of the Central Territorial Administration of the Central Bank of Russia
BIK (Russian Central Bank Identifier Code) 044525388
109147, the city of Moscow, Vorontsovskaya Str. 27/35,
OKPO (Russian National Classifier of Businesses and Organizations) 26237308,
OGRN (Primary State Registration Number)1057746406178

Shubin, Valentin Evgen’evich – doctor of technical Sciences.
Ivanova Tamara Ilinichna – the Director.
e-mail: info@doctorlife.ru

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