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DOCTOR LIFE – personal protective device

The protective device of general purpose (personal protective device) “Doctor Life”

The device represents a plate with dimensions 54×85 mm, which can be carried in a pocket or in a bag. The operating radius of the device is 1.5 meter; this is sufficient to protect a human being at full-length from the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves of wide range. We mean radiation from the electric transport, TV, computers, microwaves, all household appliances and equipment.
“DOCTOR LIFE” resolves the problem in a complex, combining either functions of a “barrier”, so it restores the natural bound of the human being with a bio-electromagnetic field of the Earth. It also has a beneficial effect to overall condition of health of the human being. Efficiency of application of the device is not less than 90 percent. “DOCTOR LIFE” not only provides effective protection against harmful left-hand spin-torsion fields, but also stimulates whole bio-energy of the organism on account of excessively generated fields of right-hand rotation. Use of devices is fully compatible with naturopathic treatment facilities: phytotherapy, homeopathy, physiotherapy, diet therapy, etc.
Use of the device can also be combined at times with use of food dietary supplement, at that EFFICIENCY of impact on the organism of dietary supplement will be just ENHANCED.
At permanent use of the device the following therapeutic effects are observed:
– gain in health;
– removing “chronic fatigue syndrome” and pain;
– enhancement of associative memory;
– deceleration of processes of cholalic and kidney stone formation;
– improvement of parameters and characteristics of blood;
– acceleration of cicatrisation of combustions and wounds;
– improvement of the cardiovascular system and many other health factors …
If the device is often placed in the area of solar plexus, it acts as protection from the negative influence of other men.
This device has no analogues.

AQUA – for restoration of water structure

The protective device for restoration of water structure “AQUA”

Researches on condition of intercellular water, conducted by S.V. Zenin, represented that under influence of electric fields, flowing near the spinal column, the molecules of intercellular water are polarized, and they change their shape, which leads to negative impacts on the organism. The device “AQUA” (dimensions 100 mm x 100 mm) structures water and all food stuffs, containing water (hot products, ready-to-eat meals, beverages, fruits, vegetables). The device supplements foodstuff and water with additional positive forms of energy. The device is a compact, flat-shaped unit, thereby it is easily placed under any container with water or it is placed on any flat surfaces. The device erases the negative information, and it makes it in a harmoniously manner, without affecting the chemical composition and not making significant efforts to modify the environment. Efficiency of the device is 90 percent.
Expansion of consumption of structured water:
– favors to extending human life on 15–20 years;
– improve work of human organism on cellular level;
– stimulates the regeneration of tissues and organs;
– improves supply of the blood with oxygen and cleans the blood arteries;
– improves immunity and eliminates activity of free radicals;
– favors to cleaning of the organism and reduce of cholesterol;
– stabilizes acid-basic equilibrium and improves digestive functions;
– normalizes nephros performance and helps to eliminate toxins from the body.
Put a jug (glass can) with water on the “front side of the device” (time of exposure is from 30 min).
To reduce the pain, attach the “face side” of the device to the sore place.
This device has no analogues.

Plate–chip for a mobile phone

The protective “plate – chip” from electromagnetic emission of a mobile phone or a communicating device

The protective “plate – chip” (dimensions: 21 х 35 mm; 24х 24 mm; 22 х 33 mm) from electromagnetic emission of a mobile phone or communicating device, patents of Russia and Kazakhstan. The device is placed in a case of the mobile device above, or under a battery, the device protects an ear and encephalon from high-frequency signal, destroying cells and energetics of a human being. The protective radius makes 75 cm; efficiency of the device is 85%.
When exposed into a zone of adverse radiation in the device it is occurred a powerful induced counter electromotive force, aimed at attenuation of the adverse radiation in the most dangerous frequency range for a human being (42-68 GHz). At that, in the area of the device operation (1 m), the harmful cell phone radiation is terminated for all intents and purposes.
According to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), the signal from the mobile phone is especially dangerous for pregnant women and children up to 16 years. In 2002 at the meeting of Ministers of Health of the European Community (EU), it was recommended to prohibit to minor citizens to use cell phones. French scientists established that the radiation processing of chicken eggs by the mobile phone in the incubator led to death of 50% of chickens. The worst thing is that the WHO promises appearance of after-effects in 20-30 years. By figurative comparison of several scientists, mobile cell phones are just “toast” the brain.

ENERGY – universal correcting device

The Shubin’s universal correcting device “ENERGY”

This is the biggest and the most powerful product of Shubin’s product line. The device dimensions – A-5 (150 x 210 mm). This next-higher order device represents the more efficient variant of the protective device of general purpose. The device emits nothing but merely redistributes flows and reduces flux of electromagnetic radiation.

Also, the device completely covers Gamma radiation of more than 300 mk / rad. sec. (Ultimate emission level for Moscow is 30 mk/rad).
The device is recommended for stationary use in domestic premises, it can be placed under the mattress (if case if it is necessary to obtain additional protection of shoulder or lumbar girdle), for placement in the car, in the vicinity of the active sources of electromagnetic radiation (“mainframe” computers, television sets, refrigerators, cordless phones, microwaves, “Hartmann grids”). The radius of operation of the device is up to 5 m. Efficiency of the device is not less than 90 percent.
Use of the device significantly reduces or fully eliminates pain sense modality: spinal disk hernia, radiculitis, joint pain, arthralgia, etc.
To prepare structured water, put a jug or a glass can with water over the device. Time of exposure: not less than 30 minutes.
This device has no analogues.

All the above mentioned devices are manufactured by Protect-Golden Wave LLC, founders of the company are, personally, Doctor of Engineering Science V.E. Shubin and T.I. Ivanova, who have exclusive remedy on manufacturing and promotion of devices.

Please pay special attention! Protective devices are adapting facilities and they are not medical drugs. This is technical equipment which changes the level and polarization effect of electromagnetic emission around itself, helping the body to remove negative effects of existing electromagnetic pollution and to restore the immune system, which is struggling with many sores.