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AQUA – for restoration of water structure

AQUA – for restoration of water structure

The protective device for restoration of water structure “AQUA”

Researches on condition of intercellular water, conducted by S.V. Zenin, represented that under influence of electric fields, flowing near the spinal column, the molecules of intercellular water are polarized, and they change their shape, which leads to negative impacts on the organism. The device “AQUA” (dimensions 100 mm x 100 mm) structures water and all food stuffs, containing water (hot products, ready-to-eat meals, beverages, fruits, vegetables). The device supplements foodstuff and water with additional positive forms of energy. The device is a compact, flat-shaped unit, thereby it is easily placed under any container with water or it is placed on any flat surfaces. The device erases the negative information, and it makes it in a harmoniously manner, without affecting the chemical composition and not making significant efforts to modify the environment. Efficiency of the device is 90 percent.
Expansion of consumption of structured water:
– favors to extending human life on 15–20 years;
– improve work of human organism on cellular level;
– stimulates the regeneration of tissues and organs;
– improves supply of the blood with oxygen and cleans the blood arteries;
– improves immunity and eliminates activity of free radicals;
– favors to cleaning of the organism and reduce of cholesterol;
– stabilizes acid-basic equilibrium and improves digestive functions;
– normalizes nephros performance and helps to eliminate toxins from the body.
Put a jug (glass can) with water on the “front side of the device” (time of exposure is from 30 min).
To reduce the pain, attach the “face side” of the device to the sore place.
This device has no analogues.

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Valentin Evgenievich Shubin, doctor of engineering science, is the owner of over 180 patents for his inventions in the field of electromagnetic safety and defense technologies.