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Original products of Shubin V. E.

Products protect against electromagnetic radiation developed by the doctor of technical Sciences Shubin, Valentin Evgenyevich. Genuine protective device against electromagnetic radiation, you can only purchase here at our website www.doctorlife.ru or from our representatives from the section "Contacts". Valentin E. specially recorded a video, where reports that production deals, Protekt-Golden Wave, LLC in the person of Director Tamara Ilyinichna Ivanova. Beware of the many fakes!

Shubin: where to buy genuine protection

Video of Shubin V. E. about the places to buy the original products for protection against electromagnetic radiation

Protection from electromagnetic radiation

Video about the work of Shubin's protection devices from electromagnetic radiation

TV talks about Shubin's protective products

A report on the television of Kazakhstan on the jewelry protection from electromagnetic radiation

Карта Шубина против радиации

Демонстрация защитных свойств карт Шубина от радиации

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